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State of Jefferson Trial.

Pretty happy with my dogs this weekend at the State of Jefferson Trial in Northern California. Struggled sometimes but I was to focus on running my dogs and not overthink that it was running at a trial. I ran Phyllis in open, Turk and Tate in Pro/Nov. Trudy ran Alice and Wyatt in open. They did very well for her. I know she was very pleased with both of them. I messed up videoing a very nice run on a dogleg fetch that Alice had the first day.

Tate struggled with his downs on day one and I hung on to the post trying for more. His outrun was wide and he ended up on setout but I was pleased he was able to be redirected back to his set easily. Day two he placed 4th. Pushy but his stops were back so that was manageable.

Phyllis, what do you say about Phyllis? Frist day she did well and as always, fun to watch and handle. My being out of town, her conditioning was a bit of a downfall as she was tired by the shed. Day two she placed sixth. Even tired, she is her quick, trying to please, self.

Turk put down a middle of the pack run on day one. He was pushy which upset the sheep so there were more covers than I would have liked but he did cover well. Day two he was pushy again but the sheep were slower moving. He got frustrated at the cross drive panels and our run ended with a thank you.

Things to improve on for dogs and handler. I can't complain about the dogs since they have had a large portion of the spring off waiting for me to be done traveling. Conditioning was likely one of the biggest things that needed improvement. It seems that a tired dog has more struggles responding to commands and when they do, they are not as crisp.

Me: I tend to take things and myself too serious. If I can keep prospective, look at the good, and not stress at a trial it is a win as a handler and person.

It was a good trial. I got to enjoy my dogs. My wife and I got to hang out and trial together, something we don't often get to do since someone usually has to stay to take care of the farm. I was also able to spend a few days visiting with a good friend that I have not seen in years and meet his new (less than a year is new, right?) wife.

State of Jefferson trial was a good reminder to enjoy life I have. Life is good!

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05 juin

Good on you. Yep, enjoy the partnership.

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